Eyebrows Arching and Tinting


Eyebrows are a frame of our face. Depending on the shape of the eyebrows affects how we are perceived by others. We have all heard expressions such as “gloomy, outdoor, sad sight,” etc. Of course, it all depends on our mood and facial expressions, but make a great contribution to our eyebrows.


Every lady dreams about beautiful, thick and long eyelashes. But unfortunately the nature doesn’t give everyone such a generous present! Even those, who has it, are interested in question, how to make the eyelashes growth faster. Modern ecology, wrong nutrition, extension and removal of artificial eyelashes lead to the situation, that your own ones become weak and thin. Our service of removal and growth will help you be proud of your natural beautiful eyelashes! You are worthy to be beautiful!


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Eyebrows tinting

Duration: 20 min.